The Rise of the Donor Advised Fund

High-profile gifts and new understanding of tax benefits have turned attention to a growing trend in philanthropy


The World’s Enormous Grief

The minute we feel the world’s grief, we are obligated to it. If there is more grief in this world, then there is more to do.

Not So Easy Living

My editor’s letter for the July, 2016 issue explores my perhaps unhealthy obsession with documentaries about dead musicians.

Something to Talk About

There are a lot of things people don’t like to talk about. For two recovering addicts, addiction is no longer one of those things.

Peace When You Need It

Lawrence Wright shares why he thinks reality is more compelling than fiction, in advance of “Camp David’s” run at The Old Globe.

Panic and Anxiety in La Jolla

The La Jolla Playhouse stages the world premiere of “The Last Tiger in Haiti,” written and directed by UCSD MFA grads.

Serial Storytellers

Forty million people listened to one podcast last year. I spoke with the journalists who made it.

The Magic of Creativity

In advance of Mitch Albom’s speaking engagement in San Diego, he and I spoke about his latest work of fiction and how he allowed himself to take risks on this one.

New Pot Paradigms

The changing conversation around marijuana, the drug war, and social change